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Tutorial Forza Horizon 3 Money Methods



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Forza Horizon 4 Money Methods that I have found useful so far, why am I making this thread? I've been playing this game a lot recently and waned to contribute a post to it. Hope this helps!
Please reply with any questions etc, or if you have more methods drop them below!

  • Legitimately play through the campaign, with increased difficulty and a Horizon Edition Car works well. you can average 15-20k for winning street races.

  • If you haven't already, you can drift up and down the runway and use the skill points for credits. use these credits to redeem the instant rewards.

  • Do midnight battles. The RX7 sells for a couple million on auction. Reply to this thread for more info on that.

  • Find Forzathon Race Challengers. The special AI can give 40k for a 20 second race, there are upgrades you can buy that can give you an advantage when doing this, if you get the upgrades from your token shop you can double your money. also increase your AI difficulty to unbeatable. it makes them no harder to beat when doing head to head races, you don't have checkpoints to follow either so cutting the course will still reap all the benefits. and faster.

  • Online Adventures make some easy money too. although not much, its fun and you make money while doing it. works best with friends as time flies when your having fun with mates.

  • And the obvious one, the Goliath. although some say it isn't as good as it used to be, it still works very well.
    Best with a HE car and some difficulty boosts. You can purchase Exhibition Multipliers which triple your Credits earned at the end of the Exhibition.
    But please NOTE: Exhibitions only count when in single player. You cant get the multiplier benefits when you online.


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I get free credits from the Forza hub app every week, I think 200,000 credits every time but I can't remember


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free weelspin solution with cheat engine is better
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