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Unsolved Forge 3.5 Questions

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Hey all,

I got Forge (3.5) for a long time now and i have been using it now and than to create some modded maps.
But now i have a few questions.

1. I place some objects in maps like the tree in Last Resort but only i can see it as host.
The others can not see some items that i modded into the map.
Is there are way to make the items visible for my other party members.

2. Is it possible to place light source's in the map so i can light up a room or something like that.

3. I seen a mod where a couple of rockets got fired from a certain place (Like 10 rockets) how can i create rocket that get fired automatic?

4. Is there anything else possible with Forge 3.5 apart from replacing some objects in a map?

Thanks allot
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