For all of you who HOST/STAND BY check YOUR STATS! IMPORTANT!!!!

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  1. Deathstar

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    i have been testing all the force host/standby since it came out and i have encountered several anomalies that you guys need to check out.

    When you standby and you were loosing before using the stand by it ll count as a loss even if you win the match.

    IF all teams leave except 1 or maybe 2 . it ll show a win in your stats ... but your kill/deaths points and all the stats will NOT move (even if it shows a (+) ) check again your stats next game ... it ll be the same.

    sometimes for no apparent reason when you win the match ALL your stats DOESNT move. i have win alot of matches and my win number stuck several times in the same place.

    Example .

    after game 1 stats

    Points 30000 (+1500)
    Kills 1350(+6) wins 100(+1)
    deaths 800 (+3) lost 50

    so you think you did good and then you play another game and win again

    Points 30000 (+900) wins 100(+1) sometimes this is the only one that moves
    kills 1350 (+4) lost 50
    deaths 800(+4)

    oddly enough. WEB STATS show exactly all your points that you have won.
    My webstats and ingame stats are so different!

    i have come to think that at some point in the game when you won . the stats are not being sent because of some conection problem due the trusted zones. but i dont know.

    if you force host and/or stand by. check your stats after each game and see any problems. ALSO check your webstats and ingame stats to see if there is any difference.

    for example . my webstats shows 150 wingman matches played 100 won 50 lost
    and my ingame stats show 105 games played 65 won 45 lost

    hope this helps
  2. Jhawkfootball06

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    This is wrong, I have been standbying forever and I only standby when I get down and have to and I always get the win. Like in Guardian i am 54 wins and 2 losses and those 2 losses were before I ever started standbying
  3. Nubble

    Nubble Getting There


    Lol can you even get a wingman game when you are bridging? I know I can't
  4. Bullet Harmony

    Bullet Harmony Enthusiast

    Thanks for the thread, but my friend put the security on high and we killed all except 1 person , so then they lagged out. It said + 1 but it gave us a loss. So, the game just started and it was 0 rounds to 0 rounds. (We were not loosing). I wonder why it was a loss. I don't think i will do that anymore :frown:
  5. ZiLLA

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    I am ranked 170 Lagit in Gaurdian and them two loses were probably against me. Standby to win thats bad, but its alright keep being a BK....

    GT o ZiLLA x

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