Flashing problem!! Please Help! :(

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  1. unpredictable

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    Hey guys,
    i really admire your work here.. keep it up! :smile:
    I've tried to flash my Liteon drive using a tutorial on the team-xecuter.com website, cause i had their kit..
    i extracted my key successfully, and i think i erased it successfully, cause now i can't even Eject the drive.. once i did the erase, the PC froze, and i can't connect to the liteon drive ever since.. every time i connect it and power it on, my PC freezes... i can't access it on JungleFlasher, Nothing...

    What should i do?! I already have the key.. i'm only at the last step where i should write the ixtreme firmware to the drive..!! Please Help!!!!:?

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.