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Unsolved Flashing and E71 Problems

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I have flashed my 360 3 times, all the same and successful way. Right before I upgraded from iXtreme 1.51 to 1.6, my xbox kept randomly freezing. I upgraded to 1.6 and the freezing would eventually give me an error, E71. I searched for days on how to fix this and no one seems to have a solution to it. I read that it can be caused by a bad update to the new dashboard or by having 360s with modified firmware. I read somewhere that some guy restored his original firmware and then reflashed it and it has worked for him-no freezing. So I go to restore it to the original firmware (I use iPrep because that was what I was taught to use and I have stuck with it since), and when I get to the part where I am supposed to turn on the 360 and wait 2 or more seconds, while the status toggles between 0x51 and 0xD1, it doesn't. It just stays at what I remember it to be something with 74, (I think 0x74). For some reason it isn't reading my BenQ drive. Any solutions? and does anyone know how to revert to the original firmware with a new program that is used more often now a days, or with iPrep? Because that is the one tutorial I can't seem to find. This is the first time I have not been able to successfully flash it, because it is not reading the drive.

WTF!?!? Now I can't even start up my 360 without it giving me the error or freezing in the beginning when it shows the Xbox 360 screen.

I am convinced that the E71 error in my situation was something that microsoft did to people who flashed their disc drives, so if I were to buy a different disc drive, could I put that in my xbox and would that fix this stupid E71 error, and yes I do have my original firmware.

Do you think microsoft checks firmware when you send it in for repair. Because another option is for me to give my xbox the 3 red rings of death and send it in and get a new xbox. I just don't know if they check the firmware on your old one. They shouldn't if they think it just has the 3 red rings of death.
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