Flashing a samsung drive question

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  1. tokyodrifte

    tokyodrifte Newbie

    I have a samsung drive here after just recently doing a benq flash and did it with EASE thanks to Venomous fires great tutorial now im looking at the samsung tutorials and they all have diffrent programs and stuff so id just like to set these things right (checking with you guys)

    If i:

    1. Open the xbox and pull out the data but leave the power cable in for it and use my sata data cable in the drive with my nForce chipset *Does this work on samsungs? It did for my benq*

    2. Then I load up my memory card from my benq flash but with no firmware .bins on, just with Windows 98 boot files and DosFlash on there *Will DosFlash work with a samsung flash? there all basicly the same programs"

    3. Then I type the code in with my sata port and code to read the firmware and dump it on my memory card *Will this work? Giving me the 256 KB .bin file i need? not some crazy file i then find out has no data in and i just bricked a xbox(if i carry on)*

    4. Then can i use the FIRMTOOL with the orig.bin BUT then instead of the ixBenq.bin use the ix15Sam.bin that is in the xbins rar file i downloaded, Merge them together with FIRMTOOL and then reboot into dosflash earsing then writing the new firmware.

    Will all this basicly work in the same way? Or is it like the hitatchi? All that B-Mode slax live cd stuff?

    Please help me this is the best xbox 360[​IMG] site in the world.
  2. Venomous Fire

    Venomous Fire Retired Admin 4 Life Retired

    1. Yes
    2. Yes, but its a completely different command, just use iPrep for samsung
    3. see part 2
    4. just use iPrep

    remove the files on your flash drive, but DONT format it so it stays bootable, then make your iPrep thing and just dont check "make the device bootable", that will make the entire process glitch free :smile:

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