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Solved Flashed DVD or not ?



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Hi all the other day i tried using "360 Modification Disc v1.6 by FrostyTheSnowman" to flash my benq using onboard Nforce sata ports.

Everything seemed to work fine according to the text output in the dos window
it read the firmware (needed to turn xbox off and on for it to work) asked where i wanted it saving, saved it, updated it to ixtreme 1.6 - displayed what my key was - then updated the drive.

After doing this i looked at the files it had saved to my HD and both the ixtreme.bin and orig.bin files where 0kb in size, at this point i figured maybe it hadnt worked using the onboard nforce ports so i rebuilt the 360 set it up to make sure it worked and it did (Orig Games - not got any backups to test yet).

I ordered a new PCI SATA adaptor (VT6421A) which arrived this morning and tried again using the Venomous Fire Tutorial : http://www.se7ensins.com/forums/firmware-hack-tutorials/82441-flash-benq-xbox-360-a.html

Booted to dos and created a backup of the current firmware on the DVD drive, rebooted to vista and the file it had created was 256kb as it should be.

BUT when i try to use FIRMTOOL.EXE to add the ixtreme v1.6 to the orig.bin i get the error "No valid version found in orig.bin!!! Program aborted." and if i try opening the orig.bin in JungleFlasher i get the error "This is not a valid source f/w file" also cant unlock Benq "Vender Intro Failed"

So what i really need to know is:

1. How do i check the orig.bin to determin if it is allready wrapped with ixtreme1.6 ?
2. If it is allready wrapped then is there a way i can create my origional Firmware by removing ixtreme from it ?
3. I wrote down the Key that "360 Modification Disc v1.6 by FrostyTheSnowman" gave me, is there a way i could create an orig firmware with just that info ?

Cheers for any advice or insight into this matter - s0uL

Just tried a backed up game and it works, so the first attempt to flash did work. :smile:

Still leaves me with no Origional firmware though :frown: so if anyone knows how i can create an origional file using the current updated firmware or by using the key i wrote down, pls let me know.

That is im supposing that if there is an update to ixtreme that ill need the orig firmware?

Cheers s0uL.


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There Are Already Original Files Out There You Just Need Your Key And Your Good

And No You Don't Need Anything To Update You Just Do The Same Process With The New iXtreme Firmware
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