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Discussion Fixing network registry errors made by Himachi, Tunggle, and Xfire

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Ok so earlier yesterday I asked in the Misc games section if there was some way to fix the connection problem i was having with Gears PC. Basically what was happening was that every time I would try and play with a friend, I would lag him out of the game he was in when I joined, and when he joined my game the same thing would happen. So I FINALLY called windows live support (i didn't even know they had that) and they gave me the answer I was looking for. The support guy said that when we install himachi, tunggle, and or xfire, the programs make changes to your computers' network registry. These changes overlap with what windows live needs to use. He didn't know how to fix this within my PC admin account so he suggested for both my friend and I to make another admin account and try playing it on that one. Of course this worked which was really surprising. So what I'm asking is there anyway to undo the changes that these programs made to my computer? Uninstalling them doesn't change what they already did. None of these programs aren't on my computer anymore.
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