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Patched Fix unusable Hangar spots; get non-SVW vehicles out of SVW and back into Hangar (conditional)

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First things first, the condition is that this is only possible because of the recent mod menu ability where a modder can turn on the ability for anyone and everyone to spawn vehicles for themselves just by typing in the chat, you have probably seen it. It behaves differently to if a modder spawned a vehicle, and let you have it. I doubt you will get banned for actually doing this as you are just typing words in the chat and the modders thing is doing stuff to you from the modder's end, but do so at your own risk. You will have to find a lobby where this is going on, or ask openly for someone to 'turn it on', whatever function that is. The spawned vehicle actually takes over as your active vehicle (even though your PV still shows on radar) much like the MOC dupe/benny's customization on aircraft glitch from last year.

I discovered this fix by accident when I typespawned a common vehicle and put it in a garage, leading to my last active vehicle, a Pyro, getting put in that garage after changing sessions (and breaking a hangar spot). I had to swap it into the MOC before getting it back into the hangar adapting the method below. Then I tried and succeeded in getting my SVW Cargobob back into the hangar using this.

TL;DR: You need a modder to be present in your lobby, specifically one who has this new menu where they can turn on a mode where 'everyone can spawn vehicles by typing in chat'. This doesn't require you to be a modder yourself. It's just a coincidence that this mode made it possible to easily glitch a vehicle back to where it came from.
My Cargobob was stuck in the Wastelander slot of my Special Vehicle Warehouse, which also caused the original Hangar slot where my Cargobob was to be unusable.

1) Be in a lobby where this is active, or ask openly in a lobby if someone can turn the mode on if they have it.
2) Call out the aircraft/non-SVW vehicle from the SVW. And as we know, it will disappear right after it spawns, but it is still active.
3) Type the /spawn vehicle in the chat. I'm not sure what will and won't be accepted by the hangar (it will turn back into your real vehicle after restarting anyway), but I spawned the Valkyrie as the Hangar already lets Pegasus list aircraft in.
4) Get in the spawned aircraft and fly it into your hangar. You will likely get a black loading screen forever, I waited 5 minutes before force closing.
5) Restart GTAO to find your original aircraft now back in your hangar. It should have gone back into the slot that was broken/unusable.

I was not able to put my Wastelander back in the SVW, or determine if it would shift back automatically, as I had already replaced it with a street vehicle in the garage it was in. Basically spawn the vehicle/type that is appropriate for the place you're trying to send the thing back in to. I don't know yet whether this will work with facility/AA Trailer and related issues due to the two-piece nature of the AA Trailer.
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Interesting. So maybe I could use this to get cars and bikes out of the SVW by spawning a regular car and driving it into a garage with an empty space.

I'll look out for this. Thanks for posting.


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hope have different method
or where the modders will help you, they'll only trolling you

but thanks your method
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