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Gamesaves Fix for Fable 3 Game Save (More up to date) error (FSD 2.0)

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This problem was bugging me for quite some time once I attempted to use the most recent DLC on my JTAG, only to be plagued by this error telling my

'My save was created with a more up-to-date version of the game'

... or something along those lines. Obviously I did have the Title update required... So I looked around the forums and did find some stuff, saying make sure you have the DAY 1 DLC, etc.. Unfortunately that never worked for me directly, however for this I do believe it will be better to have it, although it may not be required.

Very simple, on FSD 2.0 (Most recent version available) you can download Title Updates directly.

To do so, just find Fable 3 in the list:
  • Press Y,
  • Manage title updates (download, and select your HDD or wherever you have correctly formatted)

Now let it download, it can take some time...

..Done? Good, now this is the problem, if you launch the game now, you will still receive that error.
So don't waste your time, instead manage the Title Updates again; and you will see that all of them are 'Set Active'. This would appear to be the problem, so make sure all except Title Update 3 are inactive.

Restart your game, be sure to press 'START' as soon as prompted, select your save location and Wala! If all goes well, and this isn't a 3 console fluke, then you have a fix.

Thanks for reading, I hope I helped :smile:

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--Get a chance? Check out my blog :smile:


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