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First xbox Free Build World

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Teh Roxicotton

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Hey Guys Me and A Friend Built A Great World And We Need Pepole To Share It With !!

What The World Has:
*A Village
*Multiple Mines(All have signs and torches inside)
*Hotel With Over 60 rooms (including Suites)
*property For Free Build (Build Your Own House)
*A Nether Portle
*Lake Ocena(custom made lake that leads to open ocean)
*farms(grow crops)

Our Goal On 7S:
*Our goal is to have multiple pepole in world (i know only 8 at a time) but have pepole join at diffrent times.finish our village/city with your help rent rooms in our hotel and have a great fun community of minecrafters

How To join world:
Send a Friend request to
GT-Xp 133700e00000
and say minecraft i will invite you

Thanks hope to have alot of fun

Avenged Sevenfold

Still Call Me 'John'. I'm Used To It.
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It says the gamertag does not exist.
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