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Hey im just doing general stuff in destiny and BTW i ahve the Legenday Edition so i have the regular story, Expansion I, Expansion II, and The Taken King. I Defeated Oryx for the first time, before the Kings Fall Raid. I Basically am trying to level up and get good gear to finish up the rest of the Taken King Story, and im at The Cabal Signal to outerspace thing, (Level 38 Story). Message me if you want to play, you dont NEED to have a mic but atleast be a high level (kind of like 30+) GT: Mnkey234

PS: if you didnt look at the prefix im on Xbox 360
Also im up to helping out other people but i have about 200 Light so idk if i can do anything like the Kings Fall Raid or something like that. ALSO i need help with the Crotas End Raid! :biggrin: Thanks if you help, or for atleast taking the time to read this!
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