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Discussion Fireteam - Getting Helicopters/Tanks - Trying to do Squad Wipe Trophy

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Usually you'll find me over in the Grand Theft Auto V forums but today I have a question for Black Ops Cold War.

I'm still new to the series as it's my first Call of Duty and I just started playing Fireteam maps over the weekend during the double XP weapon event.

Have the basics of the game mode down, collect the Uranium, deliver it to the pod and detonate it whilst trying to save alive and not be killed by the enemy team.

My question/discussion is on how I get the vehicles I see players using as I see helicopters/gun boats and planes shooting/killing me all the time and whilst I can take them down I never seem to see them spawn on the maps, the only vehicles it gives are Dune Buggy's/Speeders/Snowmobiles and Motorbikes.

I have just completed the season pass finally yesterday so I am presuming the vehicles I see are players own vehicles that they can spawn in on the map?

I did see one helicopter on the ground once but unfortunately I couldn't get to it because an enemy team had already started taking off but can somone provide me some info on how to get the vehicles?

The main reason I am looking to get vehicles is I want to try and get the Squad Wipe trophy on my account and whilst I have managed five so far I figure it must be easier in a vehicle?

Any info/comments are welcomed!
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