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Finished multiple levels in Unreal 4

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First Level:
This is a simple one. You simply drop down a tunnel with lights that turn from bright white to dark red. You land in this room and trigger an even to happen. The glass pane opens up dropping the ball. The ball then smashes into the crate and the the crate explodes into tiny pieces

Level 2:
You start by going up an elevator into a room with a ball. You push the ball down the ramp and it'll go into one of the 5 tubes. Depending on which tube it goes into a message will appear saying "congratulation on X points". Then a point counter will go up (as seen in the top image). Then a second ball spawns. Pushing that ball down the ramp will trigger the second point counter to go up. From there the first player/second player balls will keep spawning eachother.

Level 3:
You start up in the sky. Hitting a jumppad at the beginning you begin to fall through a series of rings. If you hit a ring then the level will restart. Going through the rings you collect a series of balls. The balls will be destroyed on contact and respawn towards the bottom into a tube. Going through the tube will trigger another point counter to add up your score.

Will upload gameplay tomorrow.


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Damn daddy, this look nice!
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