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PS4 Final Fantasy XV | THE OPS | Gameplay Let’s Play Series



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Final Fantasy XV | THE OPS | Gameplay Let’s Play Series



No spoilers: This is a let’s play series of Final Fantasy XV with your boy MultiDragon129 who just hit 300 subscribers! I can’t thank you guys enough and I hope the next milestone isn’t as grueling as this one was XD whether it be 400 or 1000, keep leavin that support and i’ll always try to make videos.

This game is starting to heat up alittle bit story wise and we’ve seen some big stuff hit Noctis in his feels so now we’re headed back to the kingdom to figure out if what we heard is true, We have put a hault on our mission to figure out what’s going on here and even I don’t know what’s gonna happen next so check it out! If you want =P
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