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News FIFA 23 OTW Predictions: Lewandowski And de Ligt As Ones to Watch?

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Haaland, Mane, Pogba, Sterling, Lewandowski, de Ligt and more: Who gets an OTW in FIFA 23? We give predictions, tell you what an Ones to Watch player is and how the upgrades work.
OTW is the first major promo to kick off the new FIFA Ultimate Team season. Of course, we're already hyped for FIFA 23 and can't wait to start a new FUT year.
The OTWs in FIFA 22 with Ronaldo and Messi were awesome like never before. We show you the biggest transfers from the football world and who could get a Ones to Watch card in FIFA 23.

What Are Ones To Watch Cards In FIFA Ultimate Team?
Ones to Watch cards are special cards for FIFA Ultimate Team. Because they are dynamic, they can always improve through upgrades over the whole year. OTWs celebrate players who made a move in the summer transfer window.

How Do The OTW Upgrades Work?
Ones to Watch upgrades can be simply explained: If a player receives an Inform card, the OVR of the OTW card increases to this rating. Also, if a player gets a Man of the Match card, the OTW version gets better.
In FIFA 22 there was the "Wins to Watch Upgrade" for the first time. OTW players' teams had to win 5 of their first 10 league games after the October 1st FIFA 22 release.

When Will OTW Team 1 And Team 2 Be Released In FIFA 23?
The OTW Team 1 will appear directly with the launch of FIFA 23. In FIFA 22, OTW Team 1 started on October 1st, Team 2 already appeared on October 8th.

Who Will Get A Ones To Watch Card In FIFA 23?
There were 28 OTW players in FIFA 21, 35 in FIFA 22, and we expect there will be even more in FIFA 23. As we said, stars who were transferred during the summer break can become Ones to Watch players.
Ultimately, EA decides who becomes an OTW Star. Not every summer transfer can end up in Ultimate Team. Otherwise, the FUT year will start with 500 special cards. And they shouldn't be in the game until the beginning of November (lol).
Of course, in addition to confirmed transfers, there are also plenty of rumors from the football world. We bolded official transfers in the table below, the ratings for FIFA 23 are of course a prediction.

Confirmed Player Transfers:
Last spring and summer there were rumors about CR7 and Messi – this year it's the turn of the next generation. Kylian Mbappé extended his contract in Paris and won't be moving this summer – but with Erling Haaland, we will get an absolute meta OTW striker.
Nico Schlotterbeck (BVB), Niklas Süle (BVB), Matthias Ginter (Freiburg) and Lorenzo Insigne (Toronto) are already confirmed transfers. Antonio Rüdiger is joining Real Madrid. St. Juste is moving to Portugal – if he gets even higher pace stats than this year (91), his OTW will certainly be very popular at the beginning of the FUT year.

Sterling Moves To Chelsea – ManUnited Signs Eriksen – Raphinha New Barca Star
Paul Pogba & Angel Di Maria (Juventus), Raheem Sterling (Chelsea), Christian Eriksen (Manchester United) and Clement Lenglet (Tottenham) are confirmed now.
We are excited to see if these players will get their OTWs. We assume that players like Romelu Lukaku (Inter Milan) won't get another one right away – he had an OTW in FIFA 22.

Rumors And Speculations: No Champions League for Ronaldo?
Big news about Ronaldo. Wild speculations in the world of transfers. Cristiano Ronaldo is reportedly ready to leave Manchester United. We also can't imagine Mr. Champions League going into the EuroLeague season with ManUnited. But apparently, no one wants CR7: Bayern, Barca, Chelsea, PSG – so far, no one seems to be interested in signing the Portuguese superstar. We keep you up to date – as with Lukaku, it would be questionable whether Ronaldo would immediately become an OTW star again.

Meta CB Kouné: Barca And Chelsa Want To Sign Top Talent
The name Jules Koundé should not only ring a bell thanks to his nice pace stats (81) in FIFA 22. The 23-year-old has been chased by top clubs for the past two seasons, but this year Sevilla seems to have no choice then to sell him.
Barcelona and Chelsea are fighting over the youngster. He will get a nice OTW card, which will also be meta due to his (then even better) pace stats in FIFA 23.

Neymar Wants To Leave PSG: Barcelona, Chelsea or Newcastle?
Recently, there have been rumors about a Neymar goodbye in Paris. We didn't believe it at first. But apparently there is truth behind it because the Brazilian is unhappy in Paris. Barca is his dream destination – but they're broke. The only club that could and would pay is probably Newcastle United.

Unfortunately, there are no leaks for the OTW Promo in FIFA 23 yet. Of course, we will update the article as soon as rumors turn up or somebody hacks EA's database.
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