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Solved Fifa 12|NEED HELP| Jtag rip not working|Thanks

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Hey basicly i'm gonna get straight to the point. I have downloaded fifa 12 and converted it to a jtag rip(I own the game its just that my dvd drive laser rail is broken atm)and started up my Slim RGH on dashlaunch 3.00 beta booting into FSD 2.2. OK i now sign in and everythings ok i play the game and desided i'm bored and i gotta do revison. I then deside to play the game again and i load up my RGH and everything goes smoothly. I then load up Fifa 12 and its still running casualy, but as Rooney kicks the ball and the screen goes black I instantly freeze without a fatal crash warning or anything. It keeps on doin it and i need help

i have Dashlaunch 3.00 beta
I redownloaded the copy and used several programs to exrtact the iso
I tryed using both external drive and internal hdd but no luck (I also defragged my external hdd)
I'm on the newest dash :tongue:


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