FFA or Domination Boosting MS POINTS!

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  1. Deedsy

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    Looking for some players that are willing to earn some MS points or free 1 month live cards for helping me get some kills. I am looking to get to the top 20 for kills global. If you help me I will give you 1600 MS points, or a free 1 month gold live card, or help you SnD boost until you reach your goal, or boost in any way you want.

    I really want to get back on the top 20 because I was in a race with my friends and I was leading for the first 2 weeks then they had people file complaints and I was banned for 2 days and now I've fallen behind.

    The first 6 people that are going to help me boost will get their reward before the boosting, and then the next 6 will be ranked on how many deaths and how much time they helped me boost.

    If you don't want your KDR to drop then make a free account and you'll get a 1 month gold trial to boost with. Thanks for any help
  2. Justin

    Justin #mmNation

    Dude... Theres a sticky for boosting. Post there.

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