Fastet Ja1lbreak on the planet and such

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Looked, didn't see it posted yet, thought I'd give a helping hand.

This works for all iTouch's and all iPhones, yes, even the 3GS.


Don't know who the genius is that wrote it, or the team behind it, but golly gee, they are fantastic.

After you download the app, plug in the iWhatever you want to Jailbreak, open the .exe, or zip for you mac users, and hit the button.
Couldn't be simpler.

Also, I'm pretty sure if an update comes out from iTunes for your iWhatever, don't get it from iTunes, the blackra1n app will already have it cracked, safe to update.

So here we are with Blackra1n.

And, because I have no homework tonight, I'll go through what I have, just so everyone can be hunky dory with it. :smile:

After you jailbreak it, you should have a choice of two, or three, most likely two, apps you can install. One, is Cydia. This is your new app store. You can still use the old one, but you don't have to pay anything from this one. The other is Rock. Rock is nice cause it'll remember the apps you download if you iWhatever gets screwed up, you can download them again. iTunes won't remember your cracked apps. D: But there's something out there that will crack iTunes for that. More on that later.

Thar be some crack'y apps. Cydia and Winterboard, and even the gameBoy.
All of which I'll give a nice go through.

Go in to Cydia and there'll probably be a window that pops up asking for what type of filter you'd like on the categories. Do whatever you like. :smile:

Next, from Cydia, go in to the seach tab and look up "Winter", under that, somewhere down on that list you'll find a fun little app called "Winterboard". This basically allows you to deck out your iWhatever in total bling. :biggrin: Like wallpapers, backgrounds, sliders, lock screens, themes, ect. It's almost too much. But some would think: NOT ENOUGH!

After you get WinterBoard, you should be golden to set up themes, sliders and stuff like that.

Moving on, Next I will be covering the Gb4iPhone. Even though I have the touch. It's why I've been saying iWhatever. It doesn't matter.
So, go to Cydia, look for it, download it, but you'll notice that it doesn't come with every rom ever created. (What a rip, right?)
So, now go over to the Manage tab in Cydia, and click Sources, edit, and add. If you get an error message in Cydia, no worries, it just has to reload the data. It's normal.

So adding the source, you should have the following:

Index of /Cydia/gameboy
Capital C for Cydia, apparently important.
Then add. It'll add it, reload the data, and then Go under sections, and you should find "iROM GAMEBOY". There are your roms. :biggrin:

Happy Gameboying.

Now more on WinterBoard.

Basically it's a list to check and uncheck what you want. If theme's clash, one will just overlap the other.
So, make sure what a theme has before you go hogwild on everything.

Some good theme's and stuff to look out for that I like:
Dillon - Theme/Icons/Background/Wallpaper/Slider
Japanese Theme - Icons/Background/Wallpaper/Slider
Steampunk - Background/Icons/Wallpaper/Slider??
Zelda Heart Container - Battery screen for the Retro Gamer

Oh, almost forgot.
Another App to look for in Cydia, is called Font Swap. It can switch up System fonts, and clock fonts, some others. Super cool.
Oh, also a good one, if you search for FontGlow in Cydia, you should find some single app that throws a bunch of different glowing fonts in Winterboard you can pick from.

Here's what Mine looks like
FontSwap Clock Font Change:

Japanese Theme Lock Screen:

Japanese Theme Battery Screen:

Regular screen with the wallpaper dimmed, 5 Icon Dock

Any questions, feel free to ask. :smile:

I'd also love a Thanks. :biggrin:


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The hacker who made this is Geohot. give him cred. lol:thumbup:

good stuff man... this came out only about 10 days ago

informative :smile:


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I've had it for like a month. :what: The new update for it came out about 10 days ago yeah. haha.
And, all Credit does go to him. I do mention that it's not mine, so, I figured I was good. haha.
Thanks. I try. haha
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