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    This is the fastest way to get cracked apps on your iPhone or iPod Touch. It's very quick and easy to do. You need to be jailbroken on 2.2.x to do this. Note this is not my original hack.

    1. Go into Cydia and install this source: "" (no "s)

    2. Now go into the sections page and go into this category:

    3. Install MobileInstallation Patch. Restart your device.

    4. There are 2 ways to do this part. Pick either "A" or "B"
    -Go back into Cydia and the category and download "Installous"
    -On your springboard you should see the new icon. Open it up.
    -Browse for an app. After you find one you like pick it an iPod/iPhone friendly download. Download it and then go into your "downloads" tab.
    -Pick the app you downloaded and install it. It should now be on your springboard. I recommend going into options on Installous and turn on iTunes sync on.
    -Go to this site: :: Be Back Soon!
    -Find any app you like and download it to your desktop.
    -Drag and drop it into iTunes (you no longer need it on your desktop)
    -Sync your device and your apps now on your iPod!

    Press the thanks button if this worked for you!
    Also note that is often changing servers or upgrading so they may be down or slow.
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    I'm on regular 2.2 and it worked for me. like i said im not sure if these have been posted but i searched and didnt see one that showed both

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