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Tutorial Fast Method To Earn Arena Points


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ive been using this since the arena first came out, but decided to share since i havent seen anything posted on the subject of earning Arena Points Quickly.
steps are simple, the requirements are a bit pricey if you want to maximize its efficiency tho, or just owning the arena will work too
i dont know about you guys,, but i was starting to feel like the arena wheel was a waste of money after about AP Lvl-100. but up until lvl100, i always use the wheel to quickly boost.

by using this method, this becomes an unlimited method of earning AP-- the voting screen means there is no playlist involved, and if you walk away, you can just pick right back up from where you left off

Arena Points work like this...
the time played in the game does not reflect the amount of AP earned per job.
-so, with this understanding, we can dedicate one player to die repeatedly, and earn the cap of 105ap per job. the loser caps out at 57 per job.
----- it takes 10 wins to reach the cap... if you lose, you get knocked down a peg
  1. 45
  2. 45
  3. 58
  4. 63
  5. 71
  6. 84
  7. 84
  8. 97
  9. 97
  10. 105
  11. ...
it starts off a little slow, but it gradually increases per job won.
the only thing you affect by shortening your time played per job is the cash earned at the end of each job.
each job lasts roughly 2 minutes from start of the invite screen to the time you earn AP, and repeat the process. do the math, it adds up very quick, and no money was lost to the lucky arena wheel. best part is you can do this solo if you have a spare console lying around

I tried all combinations of playlists, but nothing got the cap upto 105 and earned guaranteed i was going to continue to earn that amount for an unlimited duration

  • a friend is needed if you dont have a spare console lying around.
  • i recommend the gargoyle bike with the jump ability purchased for the quickest method
  • must own a personal arena to get Arena Points
  • only choose one of the 3 jobs mentioned below, or you will not earn the 105ap anymore, it will reset to a lower number again.

  1. hot bomb -
    1. friend kills themselves asap
  2. wreck it -
    1. host drives forward, and friend kills themselves but tries not to pass the host (wait about 5 seconds, or the pay is crappy too)
  3. carnage -
    1. friend kills themselves asap

  1. the host wants to turn on the setting in options to enable being host after the next job vote screen
  2. the host starts an invite only session
  3. the friend sets the option to not be the host after each job vote screen.
  4. the friend joins any lobby of choice.
  5. ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. The host starts any of the above mentioned jobs from the pause menu under jobs/rockstar created... and invites the single friend
  7. the friend uses jump as soon as the job starts to kill themselves.
  8. the host wins
  9. this will gradually increase the AP until the cap of 105/ job is achieved.
  10. the loser will cap out at 57/ njob
  11. repeat until your bored out of your mind
  12. VOTING SCREEN-----
  13. the friend votes on the job already selected and the HOST chooses the next job.
be nice to each other, and repeat the process with the roles switched so both of you can benefit

note for afk players...
if you wanted to go afk, do this first, reach your cap...then go afk so your earning the most you can
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The AP point system is ridiculous I got up to skill lvl 20 (which is almost impossible 2 do legit) and right now I'm around sponsorship lvl 100. To get to skill lvl 20 u have 2 win 210 games in a row (or make up the game if u lose) how after 210 plus games is my sponsorship lvl still so low

When u reach skill lvl 20 u get the gogo monkey blista
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