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Xbox One Famous Hooligans (Crew Recruitment)

King Joker

King Joker

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✅My Gamertag: Metro Boomin ii
(Former Leader of popular GTA crew)
There's leadership positions that needs to be filled, so message me on here or Xbox if you would like a chance to have a spot.

✅Famous Hooligans:
⭕️Mainly just chilling
⭕️Having crew meets
⭕️Taking crew pictures
⭕️Just enjoying GTA Online
⭕️Possibly "Try Hard" Crew
⭕️Take over lobbies when bored

✅Requirements to Join:
⭕️ Dope Outfits
⭕️ Active Gamer
⭕️ Must be Rich
⭕️ Decent skills in RnG
⭕️ Decent skills in Sniping

(Nothing to serious, We're not much of a "Try Hard" crew but if the time comes that we do have to "Try Hard", I'm going to need you to have some sort of skills to fight back and win.)


If you're a "Try Hard" reading this, I don't mind trying to make this a "Try Hard" crew just let me know.
If anyone have any suggestions that they would like to change about the crew just message me.

Thanks, Metro Boomin II ✅
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