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Xbox 360 FalloutNV VE beta 3.0

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since policy is that i can't ask this on the origional thread(policy is stupid btw(or atleast mindlessly and uncompromisingly enforcing the exact precise letter of it rather than spirit or intent), an anti bump rule =/= a rule against ever using a month old thread for any reason including legitimate nonbump posts on the same exact topic. (A bump is a pointless post to bring it to the top of the list, this rule just makes pointless threads that should be posts only increasing clutter rather than reducing it and robs more recent posts of contex by forcing them to be seperate)) I have to start a new seperate thread to ask this but:

I recently started playing fnv again and can't find a verson of the ve that actually works. The last verson has something screwed up with its level editing so it can only be increased never decreased.(ex i want to go back to level 1 from 30 and i can't do it.) with 3.0 I was able to mod xp seperately from level(also can't do that in 4.1, it says you can but its always behaves as "linked" regardless of its checkbox) and then decrease the level again. So if anybody has a link or copy of the old verson i could get Much Thanks.

I'm having trouble resetting my level and exp.

I am resetting the exp value 1 below the lv. SO I reset myself to lv 5, I have 4 exp. I set it to lv 2 and with 1 exp. The exp saves and when I load the game is what I said. But the editor doesn't save the lv change. it still the level I left. I can't reset it for some reason. Is there anything I am doing wrong.? I am using version 4. can't find version 3.​
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