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I don't know how many people even pay attention to Fallout on this forum, but I enjoy ranting about it and I hope that a few people will learn something from these.

If you know a fair bit of the New Vegas and Courier history, you will notice that you have no family and no prior friends when you wake up in Doc Mitchell's office. When you talk to Johnson Nash about your delivery, you find out something that might tell you otherwise.

Courier: I want to ask you some more about the delivery I was supposed to make.
Johnson Nash: Sure, I'll tell you what I know.
Courier: What was strange about it?
Johnson Nash: That cowboy robot had us hire six couriers. Each was carrying something a little different. A pair of dice, a chess piece, that kind of stuff. Last word I had from the office, payment had been received for the other five jobs. Guess it was just your chip that didn't make it. First deadbeat we hired to do the job canceled. Hope a storm from the Divide skins him alive. Well, that's where you came in.
Courier: He canceled?
Johnson Nash: Yeah, got this look when he saw you next down on the Courier list. His expression turned right around, asked me if your name was for real. I said, sure as lack of rain, you were still kicking. Then he turned down the job, just like that. I asked if he was sure, it was good money. No, let "Courier Six" carry the package, that's what he said - like the Mojave'd sort you out or something. Then he just up and walked out.
Courier:Do you know who he was? Where he went?
Johnson Nash: No idea. Sounds like you two had a history for him to act like that. And turn down the money, too. Hope he didn't see any trouble in that package of yours. Maybe he thought your name was bad luck. Not for me to say.

Replies to the parts italicized:

"That cowboy robot" - Victor. Victor hired six Couriers for Mr. House, the only significant package was yours, the Platinum Chip. The other packages were used for distractions.
"Six Couriers" - You are technically Courier seven, since Ulysses would have carried the Platinum Chip and been six.
"A storm from the Divide" - It is confirmed that you are to meet Ulysses at the Divide in Lonesome Road.
"Let 'Courier Six' carry the package" - Ulysses might have known what was going to happen, so he let you carry the chip rather than himself.
"Like the Mojave'd sort you out or something" - You are assassinated by Benny and Great Khans hired by Benny for the Platinum Chip.
"Not for me to say" - In my opinion, Johnson Nash isn't entirely out of suspicion. I believe he knows more about Ulysses than what he tells you, but he may have been bribed or threatened to keep his mouth shut.

Christine from Dead Money also tells you how she was saved by a Courier at the Big Empty, while she was attempting to kill Father Elijah. Ulysses is confirmed to have been her savior, and he said that he knew Father Elijah and urged Christine to continue her pursuit because he knew what it was like to search for someone who had a major impact on his life.

Not only does he know Christine and Father Elijah, but he was also acquainted with Joshua Graham. When you first talk to Joshua Graham, he tells you this (taken from the Fallout wikia):

"When you first enter dialogue with Graham, he will refer to you as "the Courier he didn't expect", and then goes on to say, "then again, he wouldn't have come with a caravan". The implication is that he expected Ulysses rather than the player, to come and attempt to assassinate him."

It is suggested that Ulysses is with Caesar's Legion, as indicated in the game files and in the Limited Edition caravan deck, but no one can be sure, especially if he wanted to attempt to kill Joshua Graham.

The only thing I haven't included are the ending slides with Christine and God/Dog, but that may be a spoiler for people who haven't played Dead Money yet, so you can look it up at your own discretion.

I'm not sure about your relationship with Ulysses, but personally, I don't want to have to fight him. Obsidian is building so much hype for him, and regardless of your past with him, I believe that there should be a peaceful resolution and he should even be your companion at the end of the DLC. I don't see why not, as before New Vegas was released, Ulysses was supposed to be your companion, and Caesar's Legion is the only faction where you do not have a companion that follows them. (Boone - NCR, Arcade - Followers of the Apocalypse/Enclave, Veronica - BoS, etc.)

All I know is, July is going to be a very interesting month, as that is when Lonesome Road is expected to be released, and I can guarantee that there will be a lot of information about Ulysses in Old World Blues, which I am looking forward to as well.

Thank you for reading, I'll be sure to post more about the game when I can think of something. Let me know what you guys think/know about Ulysses.


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I give you creds for writing this all up :tongue:. I'll also be checking out those DLCs

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