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Patched Fallout 76 - Wastelanders MEGA Dupe Glitch (Duplicate any item except weapons very easy/fast - SOLO)



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Since Wastelanders a new dupe glitch has been found, pretty simple glitch. It does carry a ban/reset risk so use with caution.

You can dupe pretty much anything that can be assigned to the Display Case inside your C.A.M.P (Including new items added from wastelanders)
Avoid using your main account, and transfer from say a 4th alt account to main account after a good while otherwise you could be reset/ban


Go to your camp and hold the interaction menu to bring up the workshop menu
Scroll along to display, and place the 2nd display from the top
Backout build menu and press X on display case
Find whatever you want to duplicate and press "Square" to assign 1 item (Not sure for other platforms what button assign is, and can only add 1 item into display case and duplicate at a time, so best to have 50 or 100 off those items in your inventory)
Press back and leave display case, hold touchpad to bring up build menu, now select the display case and store it
Go to your stash and make sure item has duplicated
Walk into open space in your camp
Leave world back to main menu, and join a new world and repeat steps again (Always place the display case at the exact point your spawn, or run into your camp build zone at)


Be careful and DO NOT do this on your main account use a new account if on PS4 etc and store duped items on that, wait a few months before touching any item, also don't dupe 14million of the same item
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