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    Ok so I was checking out the Fallout 3 website, and found a little bit of information that some might like to know. I guess they are coming out with some DLC for the game, and it will be released sometime soon. As for what the DLC contains here's a list for you.
    1. They are changing/removing the level cap, so now people can build even stronger characters.
    2. New weapons, Armor, Perks
    3. They are putting in a simulation machine that will allow you to take part in the fight verses the Red Army. This is going to put you in as a diffrent character, with new weapons, armor, and everything else. It won't take place of your character, since it is for the simulation purpose only.
    4. It will all be 800MS points
    And incase I missed anything or forgot, I'll leave the address to the page. Check it out it's interesting, and goes into more detail.
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    Also I know this isn't XBox 360, but for people that like to goof around with game creator programs, they are giving away a program called G.E.C.K. (Garden of Eden Creation Kit) This will allow you to make your own little tweaks for the PC verson of the game, and if someone here is good enough maybe they can do something with it to make it do the same for the XBox. (I won't hold my breath though) Anyway I'm going to be checking that out when I'm done beating the game at least once. I'll be sure to post any more information that I find/get, so we can all stay in the loop.

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