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Unsolved Fakeanim looping wmv (solved)

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So I finally got a working wmv, when the console boots up it shows the original boot because I didn’t delete the xex on the flash for it, and then it shows the red screen and then my custom animation perfectly. Then when the animation is over, it goes back to the red screen and loops my custom animation again. Is this intended? I’m not stuck in the loop, I can and already have gotten out of it but every tutorial for it I’ve seen it just boots the dash after the custom boot

DamN8tive NZ

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For the loop I'm unsure. But you can make the red screen not show. You just need to change the settings in fakeanim.ini... delay & calibration to the timing of your boot screen loading. My jasper jtag delay 0, calibration 0..... my trinity rgh2 fakeanim/delay 3 & calibration is 0. You just need to find the right time for the red screen not to show. I leave my original bootanim.xex in my flash just incase I stuff sometimes up. But yeah works great
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