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Fable 3 ALL pre-order DLC gamesave!!!! (tut included)

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This is a tutorial on how to get all pre-order DLC in Fable 3 and use it without saying that the file is corrupted. haha it's pretty descriptive so you shouldn't have any problems. For all you guys who know the basics; sorry that it kind of drags on :tongue: just trying to make it easy for everyone to understand

I have a hero with ALL the pre-order DLC thanks to turk645 for the gamesave link. Here is the post with the download he put up vvvv there is a direct link below as well

This is right after the mercenary quest. Elise was saved at the beginning. The weapons look lame until you fully upgrade them on the road to rule :biggrin:

comes with the weapons and tattoo sets. You can also change the breed of the dog

ALL pre-order DLC gamesave

This is the unfinished one if you would like to start toward the beginning of the game. I'll upload a completed version of the campaign as soon as i beat it on this character :wink:!

1. After you've downloaded the gamesave, open up your HDD using xplorer360 or xport and drag your profile onto the desktop and open it with Modio.
(to get to your profile: Partition 3>Content>EXXXXXXXXXXXX>FFXXXXXX>00010000>EXXXXXXXXXXX)

2. Once you open your profile with modio you should see 2 IDs labeled "Profile ID" and "Device ID"

3. Copy both IDs and paste them into notepad and close out of the small box while keeping Modio open.

4. The gamesave is a .rar file which can't be read by modio. What you'll need to do is unrar it and extract the files. Most computers have a program which can already extract it but if you don't then you can download winrar for free. (google winrar for free download)

5. Once extracted, drag the gamesave into modio.

6. Replace the Profile ID and the Device ID with your own IDs which you copied into notepad and click Rehash and Reisgn.

7. All you have to do now is drag the rehashed and resigned gamesave into your fable 3 file and have fun!
(EXXXXXXXXXXXXX > 4D5308D6 > 00000001)

Credits to turk645 for the gamesave download and VaRal for the ID help haha

Bonus: I posted a completed campaign gamesave with 25 mill gold (most is in the treasury) and pretty good legendary weapons on it
- I never got knocked out once in the campaign and the I completed the campaign as pure good BUT currently he's pure evil >.>

Here is the link to the post! Completed Campaign Gamesave

Hopefully this guide was nOOb friendly enough :biggrin:. If you have any questions or need anything else then let me know!

+ feedback if it helped :smile: thanks


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i got the file to save to my profile now what do i do? when i plaug my usb back into my xbox when i open the usb there is 2 profiles and not just one so if i move one of them the other one said this profile is corrupt do i leave it on the usb forever? idk please help man :smile:

Se7en MoDzZ

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Worked Awesomely thanks i got 1000g because i had like 600 already dont know how i got 1000 but hey who complaining


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Hello, I downloaded turks save file and followed your instructions perfectly. The game loads fine and all the weapons are there. The problem im havin is that whenever i save, 1 of 2 things happens.

If I stay at Hunter's Lodge and save my game, when i load it back up, nothing has changed. The game hasn't even saved.
If I go somewhere else e.g. Brightwall, and save my game, the file corrupts. I live in the UK and therefore using a PAL system and game. Is this an NTSC gamesave and does it even make a difference what format the game was made using?

I've tried this around 20 times now and always the same results. Any help would be much appreciated


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megaupload is down I know this is an old post but can you please please please repost the save somewhere new :biggrin:
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