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Extreme boosting!!



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Hosting "extreme" xp and headshot boosting lobbies the next couple of days. I need 8 people first we'll lock down a domination flag boost in there for xp for a while. Then go on to demoltion. We'll do that along as we want to aslong as everyone successfully bomb juggles. After that we'll most likely go to Search and Destroy, and riot shield boost if someone wants it. I know some people will want to nuke boost. You have to let me know so that so that I can take us to a Free for All.

Things you need to have/know/do:

Bomb juggling- The way I do this is my lobby is simple and easy to remember, Plant at 15, Defuse at 10. Between there you get your head shots.

Cold blooded!!

Tac Insertion- Pretty obvious, but some people do forget them.

Listen and follow directions. The more coporative you are, the smoother the lobby will run. :smile:

How to Get In?

Either leave your name in a comment below or msg me on Xbox Live.

You're most likely to get in faster if you msg me on Xbox Live. In the text type "Extreme" so that I know what kind of lobby you're messaging for.

Please, do not send me a friend request!! I will add you if you're coporative and know what you're doing.

GamerTag = VanZ HD

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