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yes i no this is not modding but there is no black ops general dicsussion so please report this and get moved to the right section thank you.

hi se7en sins

this is not so called 'boosting' and to be honest is no where near it

just a tip in how to get more xp in a game

so what your going to want to do is equip sam turret and 2 other ks of your selection

search for a groung war game.earn your sam turrents and put them down

you will notice alot of xp poping up out of no where

this is your sam turrent taking down uav,any sort of helcopter and care package planes

ground war is the best for this as there a frequintly air vechiles in the sky

this also helpes out you team on not getting heaps of deaths buy chopper gunners ect..

hope this post helpes those who need ways of getting more xp but still wanto do it legit (not boosting)

i hope to see alot more 15th prestiges after this post


cheers guys
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