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  1. x Freedom x

    x Freedom x Enthusiast

    Well this is very confusing so read it a couple of times lol.

    One day I hooked up my HDD to my computer as normal and started up Xport360 (I have a 60gb HDD all that works) everything has been fine before this but once I opened up Xport360 and clicked content it crashed and kicked me out.

    It still to this moment will not let me in the content folder or else it crashes, After some searching I found all my profiles including the 000 folder in the "Cache" folder.

    For some reason it is showing they are in the cache folder but they are not. I know they can't really be in cache because well how are all my profiles working legit with saves and all if they were in the cache folder normally it would not work at all with them in cache.

    Well I can gamesave fine and everything just that now my profiles are in my Cache folder according to my Xport but according to my Xbox 360 they are perfectly fine. Well I get a little worried about them being in cache but I am unable to take them out.

    Basically what I am asking is will this be a problem in the future and has anyone had this happen to them before?
  2. punkskater2448

    punkskater2448 Taking Over The World Retired

    What I suggest doing is trying to export them to your desktop so you have a back up of them incase anything go's wrong.
  3. gamebeatter

    gamebeatter Premium Premium

    update your xport i did that and nothings wrong for me
  4. SirusTheVirus

    SirusTheVirus Enthusiast

    are u using a datel transfer kit or?
    try DLing xport let me know and i may be able to help u in team viewer 3

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