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Tutorial Everything About MW3 MP Modding Including Downloads

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Getting Your Console Online
Updating Your Dashboard

Download the 17502 Files From XBLS.NiNJA By Clicking Here
Virus Scan
DL Credit: Xbox Live Stealth

First, update your NAND image running "xeBuild GUI 2.0"

Click Here To Download WinRAR To Open .rar Files
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Once you run the program, click "Open" and select your NAND image.


Check that your "Build type" and "Motherboard" are correct. They should automatically be selected after loading the imgae. Now put your CPU Key into the program.


Notice: I used a random CPU Key. You must use your own. If you do not have yours, boot into Xell be turning the console off and pressing eject. It will appear momentarily.

Now, go to "kernel version", and change the tab to say "17502."

A pop-up should appear, click "Yes".


Now to flash your new image to your console. A new file should have been created in your output location called "updflash.bin." Put this file on a USB, then plug your USB into your console. Boot your console into Xell by pressing eject.

Wait until you are told the flash is complete, then power off.

Congratulations! You are now done!

Setting Up NiNJA By Team XBLS

NiNJA, provided by Team XBLS from 2012 (Xbox Live Stealth), is the best and only server that should be trusted for online modding or use period online an exploited console. The price is justified by the lack of funds you will have to spend buying KVs due to the extreme KV life on NiNJA.

Setting Up Your Plugins

Download Your XBLS NiNJA Plugins By Clicking Here
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Order of Plugins

Always set plugin order by opening your launch.ini. You can't open the file unless it's on your PC (can't be edited using Neighborhood so always move then replace).

Open launch.ini on your PC. If you scroll down, you will eventually see where you must load plugins.

Most of you can just use the order of plugins and all settings already set.

List the plugins in this order:


Adding a third plugin, just add a space after "=" and then "Hdd:\*insert plugin name*"

Make sure your plugin is in the root of your HDD

NiNJA.xex is used to connect your console to the online servers upon boot up.

Keep the settings how they are. The server automatically enables and disables live blocking features at the right times.

xbdm.xex is used to connect to Xbox 360 Neighborhood, which is required for the use of RTE tools.

RPC.xex and XDRPC.xex are used for connection functions.

Setting Up a Key Vault

Make sure that the Key Vault you are about to boot is not banned. You can easily do this using a Key Vault Checker.

Once you have made sure, all you have to do is use either Xex Menu or Xbox 360 Neighborhood to place the "KV.bin" and CPUKey.bin files on the root of your console.

In some cases, the files will be sold to you in a text file and a "KV_dec.bin" file.

Make sure to re-name the KV file to "KV.bin", and make sure to have the CPU Key in a "CPUKey.bin" file. Do this by opening the file in HxD and editing the values accordingly.

Download Hex Editor By Clicking Here
Virus Scan

[Click here to view this link]
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Playing the Game Online

Matchmaking Troubles

If you are using an online service that has a membership spoofer, you will be able to start/join parties and such, but likely not be able to find online games.

If you are unable to find games while matchmaking in multiplayer, you will need to activate a membership on your account.

The best method is just to add a two day trial when you make the account on xbox.com.

This may seem so simple and easy, but look in the support section. There are plenty of people that are wanting to know what devil magic is preventing them from going online while on their exploited console.

This only applies to finding online games as party leader/alone.

You will still be able to find games when someone else is party leader.

You will still be able to join online games/start private match.

Forcing Host

Most tools will have a force host function. If you can not find one, simply use coder's tool "y0da V4."

Download "y0da V4" By Clicking Here
Virus Scan

Use the force host function on this tool before matchmaking. To know that it worked, you should be in a game by yourself with the timer starting at 5 seconds.

If you are with a party, you may have issues, but if it works, you will know because you will be put in a game lobby in which players will be searched for.

Modding the Game Online

Modding Rank/Unlocks Online and Sticking Them

The best tool for online rank, stats, unlocks, and extras is droseum20's tool found here:

With this tool, you can load your stats and edit them real time.

Make sure that you go into a private match to do this. Simply start the game, load your stats, edit them, and save.

If you are trying to make your account look legitimate, do not make yourself level 80. You may notice that if you make yourself level 80 while 20th prestige, the 'prestige mode' option is still available. My best guess is that this is because the tool sets a higher amount of rank XP than needed. I would strongly recommend making yourself level 79, and then leveling up the last level.

As far as sticking stats, it is as simply as matchmaking and getting a kill.

Modding Classes Online and Sticking Them

Godmode/Invisibility Classes

For this, I would recommend "Project Goodbye v2.5" over anything, as it does not have a Key Vault stealer like WoulClass.

Send the offsets while in a pre-game lobby or matchmaking lobby.

I personally stick these the same as stats, but I do believe you can just edit the class and that will work the same.

With these classes, you can only change the secondary weapon and the first perk from my experience. I have heard about people changing other things such as secondary perk to Assassin and such, but just make sure that when you test these things, you create a copy.

You will also have an invisible primary. That being said, make sure to press “Y” to use a gun in the game. Your primary weapon will not show up.

If you are to mess up one class, but have other Godmode/Invisibility classes, simply copy those over the one you messed up.

For more information, go to Slvr99's thread here:

AUG/Colored Classes

You can use y0da V4 to obtain the AUG class. The download link can be seen above.

AUG classes are a LMG from the game with a modified AUG mesh over it. You can change anything in these classes besides the primary weapon and/or anything on it such as camouflage, attachments, ect.

You can also use y0da V4 to change class names.
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