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Xbox One ESOR Military is now recruiting!

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Welcome! ESOR is an Xbox One clan and we are now recruiting! We are looking for some new, loyal members to join. If you are looking for a Military based clan then look no further. We love to fun in this clan but we do keep everyone in check during our serious moments during trainings, competitive matches, and wars that we get into. We currently have two braches which are the Air Force and Infantry. In infantry you will mainly be a groundsman, fighting your way through with assault rifles and being backed up by our other members. We do have an Air Force for any pilots that would like to join. For both branches we do offer training so if you are not amazing at the game, don't worry! We do host clan training sessions every week as well as personal basic and advanced training for new members. We do practice TDMs (Team Death Matches) to help prepare for competitive matches and to help you gain AR (assault rifle) skill to help yu during any gun fights and wars. If you do decide to join, you will be required to wear uniform when working with us, but you can wear anything in your free time. There is a desert uniform, a night uniform, and a woodland uniform. If you are interested in join or would like more infofmation please feel free to contact me on Xbox with the gamertag: ESOR TRiiPyy or message me on Kik messenger with the username: itstriipyy. We do use Kik messenger as a way to talk when members are offline. I highly recommend that you download this app so there is a form of communication when not on xbox. Most of the commanders (Generals) in the clan are somewhat inactuve during normal school/work hours but always are on Kik and are available to talk to anyone. An interview will be required and not everyone will be able to get in. There are many more details that we can go over during your interview. Thank you for viewing!

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