Error When Installing Windows Blinds

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  1. TehPhelix

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    Well recently I have been trying to install Windows Blinds, and whenever I get to 95% installed and it has to access the command prompt or w/e it it it starts off fine. Then a few seconds later I get an error that pops up. It says "You do not have access to make the required system configuration modifications. Please rerun this installation from an administrators account." However I am on the only account which is an administrators account. I am on Windows XP and have been trying to get this to finish so I can just install some nice themes. Anybody that has the answer or experience with this problem, I would love your help.

  2. Ibdc

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    This isn't guaranteed to work in this situation, but it'll give you more rights than a standard account.

    type At 21:07 /interactive "cmd.exe"

    (21:07 is 9:07 PM, which is my current time plus one minute, use your current time +1 minute.)

    A minute later a new command prompt window will pop up, feel free to close the old one, open task manager>processes tab>terminate explorer.exe

    in the new command prompt window type explorer.exe

    Now you're on the system account, open your c:\documents and settings folder, then the folder for your normal account and navigate to wherever you have the installer file, and run it from the system account.

    Oh and by the way, if you want to get back on your normal account just log out and log back in.

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