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First off i'd just like to say if this has been posted before at all i am sorry for not searching through the threads hard enough to find it.

To do this Exploit or Glitch [Whichever you want to call it.] You must first be able to acquire a follower, any follower will work for this Exploit. The steps are below.

1. After getting your follower, fast travel to Dawnstar with them. [This is where i find it the easiest.] And have them wait in the dawnguard prison next to the jail bars. [Located in the Soldier barracks.] Make sure to have the Two sets of armor you'd like to wear simultaneously in your inventory.

2. Before leaving your follower in the room to wait for you, be sure to give them the key to the jail, along with one of the sets of armor. [Rings, Necklaces, Helm, Body, Boots, and Gaunts. I couldn't figure out how to get shields to work.]

3. Now that your follower has everything needed for the Exploit, you need to go get yourself jailed purposely. Simply walk up to a guard, and either strike them with your blade, or punch them several times, and choose the option to "Go to jail". [Make sure to have the first set of armor equipped.]

4. Now that you're in Jail [Criminal!] Interact with your follower, and trade items, equip the set of armor you gave them prior to getting arrested, along with the prison key. [Unless your lockpicking is high.]

5. Leave the jail either with the key or lockpicking, and get arrested again, once in jail again, if everything has been done right, serve the rest of your time, and once you spawn outside, you should be wearing both sets of armor at the same time, with both armor ratings, and enchantments [If any] Stacking with each other.

If its difficult to understand then i apologize, i'm not entirely the best at explaining things when it comes to exploits.
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