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Enjoy Blu-ray TV Shows on Your iPod and Enjoy iPod on TV

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Enjoy Blu-ray TV Shows on Your iPod and Enjoy iPod on TV

As we know, Blu-ray TV shows have many advantages than others, such as the high quality, and the fantastic sound and pictures. There are many latest released Blu-ray TV shows nowadays, for example, The True Blood, Gossip Girl or Lost. Some friends of mine said they were marvelous TV shows. So I want to have a try by myself. While when I want to add the TV shows in my iPod, I find that it is not a small sum of money if I want to enjoy all of the TV shows. I need to cost money to download each episode.

When I felt annoy to the problem I met, my friend recommended me a powerful software to rip the Blu-ray disks. With the Blu-ray ripper, you can convert your Blu-ray discs to the formats that are compatible with your iPod. As we all know, iPod only allow users to enjoy video or music on iPod and you cannot transfer the audio/video files everywhere you want if you have bought movies from Apple Store. However, if you use this software, you will no need to buy them anymore. All you need to do is renting your favorite TV shows from the store and then convert them by EarthSoft Bluray Ripper. Below is the running interface of it.


Then you can enjoy the Blu-ray TV shows anytime anywhere as you like. When you bring them to the iPod, you may think about whether you can enjoy them by your TV with the big screen. The answer is yes. If you want to have a try, download the trial version.


The simplest and most direct route is to get a cable that plugs into the iPod and the TV. You use the iPod's controls to start and stop play and use the iPod's screen to navigate the menus and set up the video. Then you can enjoy them by your TV at home. It is amazing! If you want to have a try, you can download the trial version.
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