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Emergency Departments Recruiting

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Welcome to the Official Recruitment Post for Central Gaming Community. Originated in 2012 as a group of people trying to have fun to 2017 with over 400 registered members this is Central Gaming Community.

Interested in roleplaying as a taxi driver, businessman eating fires, gang man out with his b****es, criminal that doesn't give cops a break for doughnuts? you came to the right place. Our dedicated servers for Arma3 and GTA5 are here to allow you most realistic roleplay and enjoyable experience from different legal and illegal perspectives.

Our Team's
Our development and staff team are here to ensure the best quality of service and ensure you're having fun. All of our staff are fully trained and provide administrative expertise when required to do so.

We' also provide various Emergency Services throughout the servers with their own hierarchy structure and supervisors. Each department has its set protocols and procedures they follow. If you have got the required game you're more than welcome to apply for any chosen department we have for offer. theses could consist of the San Andreas Fire and EMS, Alits Fire and EMS Los Santos Police Department and or the Altis Police Department.

If you don't have any of the mentioned games but would still like to join we have the Operations Communications Center. They're in charge of routine dispatching of emergency services to 911 emergencies and the organization of in-game units.


Here at the central gaming community. we have various opportunities and branches any members can achieve and progress towards. if you put the effort in your work you will be reward with various gifts and promotions to different departments and units.

we've various vacancies in the administrative department that manage the servers and also ensures good quality of service. and we also have more than 100 vacancies in the emergency departments for supervisors and specialized units such as Internal Affairs, Recruitment Services, and various others. 
you can apply here libertycity-government.enjin.com/home
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