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  1. Lulu

    Lulu     Retired

    I don't think this has been posted yet... So here goes:

    Do a private match of Team Deathmatch with no time limit on Castle. In the little courtyard/garden place in the back of the map, there's a little hallway place. If you sprint jump on top of the barrels in the back, you can get on the barrels. Then turn around and sprint jump to the other barrels. Then jump on top of the fence-type thing and walk slowly to the right.

    This is the tricky part. Crouch slowly into the corner where the fence has a little gap to the wall. It would look like this if you looked down:
    --\ <- Gap
    l /
    l / Red Fence Thing

    Just to give a visual. Crouch at the gap shown in the horrible picture. Then stand-up when you think you're in the spot. If done correctly, you should float up very high up and most people don't expect you to be up there. Very easy to repeat and do over once you get the hang of it. And if you don't know where I was talking about the whole time, here's a vid: All credit goes to Figueroa05. I found these before but he made the vids :biggrin:

    *NOTE: This video also shows a glitch where you can get on top of the wall next to the bridge to get under the map. Jump on the little rock on the bottom, then try to hop to the shelf and stay on, keep running to the right to help you stay on the shelf. Lie prone with a weapon with lots of ammo or a PTRS/Kar98k.*

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_FX_64iGN0"]YouTube - call of duty 5 castle glitches[/ame]

    Thank me if this helped!
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  2. therooke

    therooke Enthusiast

    sooo old. you gotta look at at least some of the post's before posting a "new" one
  3. ChitySnipa

    ChitySnipa Banned

    No offense but this is older than old.
    Everybody knows this, ive known it so long i forgot about it.
  4. ii CoRrUpT xX

    ii CoRrUpT xX Enthusiast

    They are all old, except the first one, I have never seen it. The "under the map" one is patched. Plus, I don't know if the first one even works on a 360. Also, you must give the appropriate credit to whoever made the video, unless it was you :tongue:. I am kinda torn between whether to close this thread since the 2 out of 3 were posted, or leave it...

    EDIT: If you want to post the first one, which AFAIK isn't posted, you can create a new thread with just that, and making sure it works on 360.

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