Editing the melee range?

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  1. ForrrestMaster

    ForrrestMaster Guest

    How would I go about editing the melee range of another weapon. I know how to on the sword but i dont know how on other weapons. Ive looked everywhere. Weap, effe, jpt!

    Can anyone help?
  2. skitzo

    skitzo Enthusiast

    i looked around on dothalo a little bit to see if i could solve your problem, try this.

    1. open your map in dothalo

    2. go to jpt! tag and find: objects/weapons/damage_effects/strike_melee and objects/weapons/damage_effects/smash_melee

    3. click the strike_melee tag and change the minimum and maximum ranges to whatever you want.

    4. click the smash_melee tag and do the same (i suggest making the minimum/maximum ranges the same for both strike_melee and smash_melee)

    5. save changes, fix ecryption, sign map, ftp :smile:

    i hope i helped, i know you mentioned you couldn't find anything that would help in the jpt! tag but you may have missed that.
  3. OP

    ForrrestMaster Guest

    I think i already tried that and it didnt work but ill try it again.

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