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Solved ECC Error

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Jamie Tomlin

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I've done 30+ Consoles and never experienced this issue before.

I read the 2 NANDS as normal, went to go create .ECC as Glitch 2 and got this message.

Initializing nanddump1.bin..
Jasper 16MB
Glitch Selected
Nand Initialization Finished
Glitch2 Selected
* unpacking flash image, ....
Spare Data found, will remove.
A donor version will be used with this CB
* found decrypted CD
* found XeLL binary, must be linked to 0x1c000000
* we found the following parts:
SMC: 2.3
CB_A: 6750
CB_B: missing
CD (image): 8453
CD (decrypted): 8453
* this image will be valid *only* for: jasper (CB_6751)
* patching SMC...
Patching Jasper version 2.3 SMC at offset 0x12BA
* zero-pairing...
* constructing new image...
* encrypting CB...
* encrypting CD...
* base size: 70000
* No separate recovery Xell available!
* Flash Layout:
0x0..0x1FF (0x200 bytes) Header
0x200..0xFFF (0xE00 bytes) Padding
0x1000..0x3FFF (0x3000 bytes) SMC
0x4000..0x7FFF (0x4000 bytes) Keyvault
0x8000..0x11A3F (0x9A40 bytes) CB_A 6750
0x11A40..0x17A3F (0x6000 bytes) CD 8453
0x17A40..0xBFFFF (0xA85C0 bytes) Padding
0xC0000..0xFFFFF (0x40000 bytes) Xell (backup)
0x100000..0x13FFFF (0x40000 bytes) Xell (main)
* Encoding ECC...Done!
------------- Written into output\image_00000000.ecc
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