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Tutorial easy 2 player dupe clean plates



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moc with personal vehicle storage
so you need a arena or Bennys car upgraded as much as possible to get the most out of it

go to invite only season. Meet a friend/helper at Los Santos car meet. The duper will bring any owned car inside the car meet.
Then have the helper get in the car and just sit there.
The duper will head to the arena without using a personal vehicle. I use a CEO chopper or sparrow from sub.
enter arena garage or workshop level. You must have at least 2 cars in garage or workshop one of the cars should be the one you wanna dupe. Get in the car you would like to dupe then press right on the d pad pause then b and then hold rt tell you can drive up to the garage door block one of the car doors with the garage door then get in other car in garage and block other door by t boneing car by the door then walk up to garage door and get as close to dupe car as you can make sure the exit area thing is up then press A and Y together you should spawn outside in car call in MOC then call mechanic and request a car your prepared to lose I do free elegy's after requesting car wait about 10 15 seconds and tell your helper to exit the vehicle over at the car meet it should vanish after they exit the car then dive car into your MOC your done you can ether drive the car into a garage you like or start over and let it get moved to wherever the elegy came from

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