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Tutorial Easiest Way To Root Pretty Much Any Android Device!

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The Easy Way To Root you're Android Device
Hello everyone, today I have a tutorial on what I believe is the fastest and easiest way to root almost any Android device. This tutorial will be step by step and you should have no problem rooting you're device if you just follow what I say below. If you have any questions, then feel free to comment or PM me :smile:. Now lets begin!

  1. First off, you're going to need to download Kingo Root. You can download it at their official website, which is Here.
  2. After Kingo Root is downloaded, you will need to run the setup.
  3. Once setup is completed, open up Kingo Root (There should be a shortcut to it on you're desktop).
  4. Go ahead and plug in you're android device into you're computer via USB.
  5. Once you plug in you're device, Kingo Root will begin to install you're device drivers to you're computer.
  6. Mid-way through installation, it will ask you to unplug you're device, do as follows. It will then begin to start installing drivers again.
  7. After it says, "Installation succeeded," go ahead and reconnect you're device.
  8. Kingo Root will then show Root notifications. Go ahead and read it if you want, and then press the big RED button on the bottom that says ROOT.
  9. Now Kingo Root will begin to root you're device, let everything finish up. If you get a popup saying, "Waiting for device," check you're device and either decline or accept the notification, it will then start to install root again on you're device after you do that.
  10. Once root is installed, its gonna to reboot you're device.

Now you're Android device should be rooted. To see if it worked, see if you have SuperSU and Root Checker downloaded on you're device and use Root Checker to verify Root access. If you followed everything right above, SuperSU will popup asking for superuser request, and BAM, now you have a fully rooted device!!

I hope this tutorial helps some people who are having a difficult time rooting their device because trust me, rooting can be a pain in the a** at times and I'm just very happy that I was allowed to share this to the wonderful community here at Se7ensins.

Here is a video on how to do this method if you're just to lazy to read this :wink:

If this tutorial helped you in anyway, feel free to leave a like, it would be highly appreciated :smile:! I will be having many more tutorials coming soon.


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when i tried to root with kingo root it kept going on and on for ever it never stopped or even rooted my phone it was sitting there for about 30 minutes


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when i tried to root with kingo root it kept going on and on for ever it never stopped or even rooted my phone it was sitting there for about 30 minutes
What phone do you have? Have you tried TowelRoot? I created a tutorial on it.


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Have you looked on xda's site? You may have to use the program called Odin (iirc).
Odin is a firmware flashing tool for just samsung devices, its what allows them to flash custom recovery or a rooted kernel without already having root. LG doesnt have anything similar since its bootloaders are locked.

sick soldier its entirely possible your latest software version blocks these root exploits, try using bump


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I've never rooted a android device before.. What could possibly go wrong rooting the original HTC One? I really would like to do this.. Just don't want mess up and have to buy a new phone.. Someone told me awhile back of you mess up rooting, there was a chance to completely destroy a phone, and make it utterly useless.. Is this true, and if so what are my chances of actually getting it done without killing my phone..


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I actually love kingo. I rooted my phones at least 3 times without any problems.
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