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  1. Targetguy

    Targetguy Enthusiast

    Hey guys I have had E 71 for a long time and I dont want it. I got it after the dashboard update and it does many different things to my xbox. It freezes my xbox so I cant play. It makes my disks un-redable(also any games on my hard drive wont work too). Then when I turn it off and back on I get E 71. I traded harddrives with my friend(Anonymous Joey) to see if it helped but it didnt. It only comes around half the time so help me out if you can. message me on xbl if im on my gamertag is Anonymous Alex. thanks:thumbup:

  2. knockem

    knockem Contributor

    Clear All Installed Game Updates and Console Cache
    Go to the "system" blade
    Select "memory"
    Press Y on the HD symbol
    Press X,X, Left Bumper, Right Bumper, X,X
    A message will appear saying: "Do you want to perform maintenance on your Xbox 360 storage devices?"
    Select Yes

    Clear Any Failed system updates that cause the console to error.
    With the console off, press and hold the sync up button (the small white one)
    While holding the sync button press the power button to turn on the console
    Continue to hold the sync button until the Console has booted up completely.
    During the boot process the console should clear any failed updates, allowing you to use it normally.

    Try those steps

    From llama.com
  3. Anonymous Joey

    Anonymous Joey Enthusiast

    Trust me, I've tried all of that and nothing.
    Poor boy has the original motherboard :cursing:

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