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    Recently on one of my 360s (The only one that I have that's flashed), the DVD drive started to give all my games an unreadable disc. I've been looking into this for awhile now and read up on what to do for it. Today, I opened up my console and removed the DVD drive. Then I went and opened it. (My drive is a Samsung)

    I saw some videos about people removing the magnets from the top of the disc holder and just using the magnet connecting it to the motor spindle. I took the magnet out of the holder and did just that. Then I remembered that there was something wrong with the motor and it was making a grinding noise. So I unscrewed it from the thing and tried lubricating it. I put everything back together and now the Drive won't even load a disc at all. All it does is just make a very loud sound and continues spinning the disc. Nothing ever loads at all. What did I do wrong?:.(

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