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Duping! Read for info (Not a drop lobby)

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Im Zer0 Syndicate

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I'm going to be duping some items, I have a list below:
// lvl 48 Caustic Infinity - Barrel: Vladof (Obviously) Grip: Jakobs
// lvl 50 fast actons - Parts Unknown
// lvl 50 Dynamic Lady Fist - Barrel: Hyperion Grip: Hyperion?
// lvl 50 Practicable Butcher - Parts Unknown (Modded Camo/White and Purple)
// lvl 50 Tumtum Skullmasher - Parts Unknown
// lvl 50 Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold - Barrel: Unknown Grip: Jakobs (Modded Camo/White and Purple)
// lvl 50 derp - Parts Unknown (Modded [Not by me])
// lvl 50 Slayer Of Terramorphous Class Mod - Character: Zer0

I did not mod any of these weapons, the modded ones are from other people.
Note: Feel free to dupe some weapons and give them to me to dupe and redistribute.

My Gamertag is Im Zer0 Ace
Yet another note: Feel free to come and go as you please, you can join by sending me a private chat invite and joining via my profile.

Edit: Note #3: Also duping a Homing Bonus Package: lvl 50

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