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Dupe detected from recent sever issue one car a day limit question

Discussion in 'Grand Theft Auto V Support Archive' started by PSN_omega_9008, Jun 10, 2018 with 4 replies and 242 views.

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  1. PSN_omega_9008

    PSN_omega_9008 Enthusiast

    Hey guys so I did the duplication glitch tht was recently patched the one with the race circle and at the time there was a server issue causing players to get dupe detected even with a custom plate I am one of those players now everytime I sell a dupe I can sell 1 then I get the daily limit message my question is if I remove every dupe I have in my garage will I be able to sell more then one car again? I seen someone is releasing a everything for free glitch this weekend so I wanna be able to sell more then one car I have already checked everything you wanted to know about duping thread and didn’t find my answer

  2. ECadro

    ECadro Enthusiast

    Many people had success doing this.

    "Go to story mode and place the deleted custom plates order through Ifruit for your single player character's car.
    Go to LSC and apply.
    Go back to online mode and apply the same custom plate to the car.
    You can now modify your car plates
    No need to redupe."
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  3. Navy Davey

    Navy Davey ☠️Friend of the Devil☠️ Staff

    I wouldn’t suggest anything other than duping over all of your dirty dupes...
    The story mode thing may not work.
    It’s the smart choice to bite the bullet and get rid of all dirty dupes:smile:
    I only speak from experience...
    I have one (of many) accounts that had been on one car a day for almost 2 years...
    if I had duped over the dirties
    I wouldn’t have had an issue:wink:
    Do yourself a favor and make new dupes.
  4. CBD420

    CBD420 Seasoned Member

    How long have u been 1 a day. I hit a limit without hitting the limit while i sold a couple non dupe vehicles from a money freeze. It happened while r*was havin the server issues or it was my net. Either way i got disconnected before it saved and when i came back i hit the limit after 1 car. I waited a couple days and was back to normal after.
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  5. StrangeShark

    StrangeShark Newbie

    Same here, i was in the 1 a day club for a couple of days, but it was like 2 or 3 weeks ago , but it was back to normal, until today where all my **** was taken away

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