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    Here's how to dummy your spartan on Halo 4. It has many cool side-effects, such as shooting backwards and through walls, immunity to death barriers, teleportation, broken legs etc.
    If you place a man cannon in the ground properly, it is also possible to integrate a "dummying-spot" in to your map, where the connection host is able to dummy himself when stepping on it, but non-hosts go flying.
    Written tutorial:
    1. Spawn a man cannon.
    2. Have the person who is going to be dummied stand completely still.
    3. Move the man cannon up to the person who you want to dummy.
    If this doesn't work for you, follow these instructions instead, as it's guaranteed to work this way:
    1. Spawn a man cannon, and hold it under the ground.
    2. Have the player stand in front of it, where he would be sent flying if you were to raise the height of the man cannon.
    3. Raise the height until the spartan you want to dummy is sent flying.
    The person who is being dummied will now stand completely still on his own screen, but on everyone else's screen be flying, bouncing, shaking, running etc. depending on the position of both the player and man cannon.
    Don't worry though, it's possible to experience the effects as well. All you have to do is turn on a second controller, spawn a vehicle, and get in the passenger seat. When you are in the passenger seat of the vehicle and a person who is not playing on your console is in the main seat, just follow the steps above and dummy him. This will create the same effects, and your guest player on the second controller will be part of it so you can see all this craziness from a better perspective!


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