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So, I know about the glitch, and how it comes about; using Aura Whisper in a dungeon you're "not supposed to" use it in gives you the effect. Once I acquired this Shout, I did use it a lot in several dungeons, and it was in the middle of clearing one that I noticed the blue glow as I walked backward. I goin third-Person and bang - the f*** ugly, assymetrical glow of the eyes. It wouldn't bother me if it didn't create a blue trail, and be a perfect blue glow in both eyes, but it's just, a f*** up.

Now, I've searched high and low for a way to fix it, but the only permanent solution I've managed to find was by using the Unofficial Patch, buuut, I'm an achievement hunter, so I'm not using any Mods. Turning into a Werewolf doesn't help, either; the glow is gone once returning to human form, but as soon as I go back into first-person, or I restart the game, it comes back indefinitely.

Does anybody know a way to permanently fix this?
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