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Double XP - Headquarters partners?

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: WaW Boosting & Matches' started by AzzidReign, Jul 3, 2009 with 3 replies and 314 views.

  1. AzzidReign

    AzzidReign Send $100k USD to my paypal for mods. Not joking. Administrator

    I'm looking for people that are good. I'm the only one to ever go positive 90% of the time that I join into a game by myself so I need people that have a decent K/D ratio.

    It would also be nice to have a good sniper for the larger maps.

    If you are interested, send a FR to AzzidReign. If my FL is full, just message me and I'm sure I can find someone to remove.

    If you are bad and you join, expect to be booted and removed from my FL. I don't like to play with BK's.

    Ok...so as I posted just a lil bit ago...I just had a f*cking noob on my team that went 4 and 28. That was just 1 of the noobs. There was another one that went 8 and 31. There were others a lil better than that, but that was pretty much how my whole team was...
  2. vvSTRIDEvv

    vvSTRIDEvv Retired Retired

    Oh, cmon...there aint no nubes on this site..lol.

    I'm jonsin to play some mm'ing. I need to buy a new controller, for my left trigger is toasted, therefore immposible for me to play a 'real' game.:thumbdown:

    You guys do any good ranking?
  3. Brimhaven

    Brimhaven Newbie

    I can play.. i usally go possitive.. My best hq score was about 72 kills and like 28-35 deaths. But im meh. (really good with the BAR though):w00t:
  4. WizzBang

    WizzBang Newbie

    wish I woulda caught this earlier =\
    im ranked 1100 or so in HQ and almost never lose. working 3rd shift now this week but will add you and we should be ok :smile:

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