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Unsolved Does anyone know how to run an n64 emulator on an xdk and if there is any pc98 emulator?

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 Support' started by ROFeQT, Sep 6, 2018 with 0 replies and 133 views.

  1. ROFeQT

    ROFeQT Newbie

    I think the title says it all, i want to know if there is any way of running n64 games on an xdk because i know of surreal but for that one you need to have that rgh launcher thing because i can't run .elf files, a xbox 360 mod launcher and an xdk don't go too well together. And the second thing is, are there any pc98 emulators for the xbox 360, i mean i would really like to play tohou on it, the first one, but i can't find anything.

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